A Message to my customers ( all of whom have been my Friends in Business).     After 30 years of exporting our very special product to happy customers in 128 countries I have reluctantly made the decision to close the business.  This decision has been made necessary by the fact that we exported 97% of our production and for the last 13 years we have been ‘tortured’ by currency exchange rates greatly reducing our return on all other currencies with all our production costs rising at the same time.  Changes more recently are in the right direction but not enough to restore viability.

I want to thank all the wonderful people around the world we have served and with whom we have formed friendships.  Sorry I have not been able to make contact with you all to keep you updated.  

Thanks and Best Wishes from myself and from my son Wayne who has been the mainstay of the business on the manufacturing side.

Vivienne Lipke
C.E.O./ Founder
Icecraft International

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